I slightly blacked out from the dizziness of a deep breath I was taking in with my face smashed into Ellie, my oldest daughter’s pink and white worn-out blanket. The blanket never gets thrown away and always finds its way around the house, competition with the other soft blankets. That could have taken its place as The blanket.

The darkness of dizziness and night behind my eyelids with a muffled deep breath, I was sitting in the future. …

The enemy of your lifetime will be ignorance of what is about to happen. Don’t get left behind. See this guide.

First, some education. Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized (not on a single computer or a companies group of servers/computers) immutable (uneditable) database system (system for writing/storing information for reading/retrevial) that costs money to write information to unlike traditional databases on centralized servers/computers. Still with me human?

The money you pay to write to the immutable blockchain database is called gas on the Ethereum blockchain.

An example of a centralized database would be when Fox News or CNN writes a…

I started doing affiliate marketing, selling websites, consulting near 15 years ago. The first five years I don’t think I made very much.

The last 8 years I’ve made over $1.2 million. I’d say near $300,000 of that has been towards traffic, hosting, etc..

I don’t think you need to make over $100,000 a year Internet marketing to make sense out of it being full-time work. Though, most of our friends working in finance in New York and lawyers in California are easily bringing in $250k+ a year and friends in biotech in San Fran seeing $250-$500k a year salary.

I’ll spare you the long winded mansplaining. Interest rates are record low, making debt dirt cheap and remote work is the new normal.

If you’ve ever wanted a cabin in Southern California now is the time to grab it or anywhere rural for that matter.

The last affordable places such as Cedarpines Park, CA will be as expensive as Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead soon.

Here are the top 5 reasons I favor this investment strategy. It’s not for everyone.

1) Tax Write Off to Relax & Share

Your home is considered a rental property — and not a personal residence — if it is rented for…

I love my cats. I love my dog. However, I don’t put them before humans or on the same level for that matter.

We have a neighbor across the street whom have a King Corso and is adjacent to guest parking, the area our kids play and where the neighbors take their dogs to the bathroom. They are also renting.

Their huge dog barks and snarls at anyone that comes near the parking area or on the street. Even when I open my garage. It’s got off it’s leash and attacked other dogs. The owners blame everyone else for the…

The housing market is so out of control you can now buy land under the ocean for $75,000 an acre in San Francisco.

See it here https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/CA_94134_M23507-50649

The marketing is genius. Compare it to the marina district in San Francisco in 1915 when most of the plots were water plots as they call them. If you would’ve bought plots for $75,000 back then you’d be worth hundreds of millions of dollars now.

First it was pebbles, then some dealt metals, soon paper currency was the next level. Digital currencies is the next level?

It used to be emperors, kings, princes. Empires, kingdoms, tribes community and countries who minted the metals, made the coins and controlled the paper currency.

Taking the gold out of the coins slowly and lowering the value of currencies while taking the gold and holding it for the state.

Before that men traded nails for beer in Ireland. Shells like the cowrie were collected by tribes and empires in the Far East and used as a currency for trade.

Yes it’s time to buy even at a high price. We just bought a vacation home in California.

I woke up from a dream. That’s right I had a dream. Of a Lamborghini, as stupid as it sounds it wasn’t about the Lamborghini.

I woke my wife up and told her I was going to buy one and I found one for $174,000 a 2007 Lamborghini Huracan. …

I sat in the sauna for 45 minutes and then in 30 of those minutes I made over $30 in crypto coins: here is how.

First off go here to get your first $10 of Bitcoin free


I get paid $10 too!

Moving on to the $30 on 30 minutes once you’ve signed up at Coinbase.

I decided to invest in clean energy ETF NYSEARCA: PBD because Biden got elected. Earlier this month even though I am a Trump supporter I put up $5,000

All green energy stock, lithium, solar, fuel cell, any and all of them have tanked as oil has since exploded since November when Biden got elected.

That wiped my 7.5% profit selling calls I’d made on QQQJ from January and February fast. What happened? Market cycle?

If you take a look at any energy ETF like XLE you’ll notice today oil is breaking out to higher highs but if you look back…

Cody Krecicki

CEO, Choice Internet Brands, Inc.

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